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Why All-Girls

Major research has shown what we have known anecdotally at the Academy of Saint Elizabeth for years. According to a UCLA report, female graduates of single-sex high schools demonstrate stronger academic orientation than their coeducational counterparts across a number of different categories.  These include higher levels of academic engagement, SAT scores, and confidence in mathematical ability and computer skills.
Study Habits

"Nearly two-thirds (62%) of single-sex independent school alumnae report spending 11 or more hours per week studying or doing homework in high school, compared with less than half (42%) of female graduates of coeducational independent schools."

Female graduates of single-sex high schools also show higher levels of political engagement.


The National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS) has found that, "Female graduates of single-sex high schools also show higher levels of political engagement, greater interest in engineering careers, measurably more self-confidence in public speaking and a stronger predisposition towards co-curricular engagement."

At the Academy, we encourage each student to become an active participant in her education. Our faculty fosters individual achievement and self-confidence in order to develop assured graduates.  These graduates will face their futures and contribute to society with the credentials, poise, and confidence that are essential to success.