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Alumnae Relations Department

Dear SEAsters,

We’re all familiar with the idea of “six degrees of separation” -- the idea that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person through a short chain of intermediaries. As Academy Alumnae, we are all connected to one another through an even shorter chain. We share a common bond that goes beyond the mere fact that we all attended the Academy over the course of many generations. It is deeper than that; a sense of what our current students call “SEAsterhood.”

Yes, as graduates of the Academy we are all SEAsters.

Friendships formed at the Academy have withstood time and distance. During my first year back here at St. E’s, I’ve had the privilege to witness these connections at many different events and in many varied contexts. Whether at a class reunion, a dinner date, an Academy fundraising event, or in the enthusiastic participation of our alumnae at “Career Day,” the unique character of AOSE sisterhood sets the tone.

New traditions geared toward our recent graduates -- the Young Alum Christmas Luncheon and the New Year’s Pizza Party -- have already become highly anticipated calendar dates for our youngest alumnae, who are looking to stay connected to each other and to the Academy.

Just last July, the “All Years Summer Meet Up” down the shore brought together a group of women spanning more than twenty years of graduating classes who found that they had far fewer than six degrees of separation -- not just through AOSE, but also through their own personal stories. I am confident that each year this group will grow larger even as the degrees grow smaller.

The Academy is poised for change -- positive change. As alumnae, we can be an important part of this shift. Let’s continue to build on the foundation forged for us by those who came before us. In doing so, we honor their commitment and strengthen the future of our beloved St. E’s.

Carmen Cefolo Pane ‘84, P ‘13
Director of Alumnae Relations

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