We Can Do This

Academy Families,

We are living through unusual and upsetting times. Let us take strength from our sense of community, and know that we are -- even more so than usual -- all in this together. 
Tomorrow morning at 9am, we begin our adventure in Continuous Learning. Our entire learning community is ready to embark on this journey together. Administration, staff, faculty and students have run the drills and know what is expected of each individual, and what is expected of us as a team.
We want to focus on the upside of this heretofore unimaginable situation. Here are some things we can look forward to: there's very little reason for absenteeism; our teachers are creative in their approach to new forms of instruction and assessment; our students are resilient and collaborative; here is another opportunity to fortify our already-strong school culture. 
Together, we all pray for an end to this unprecedented devastation. We also take a moment to appreciate our good fortune to be part of an enduring and thriving academic community.  Let's begin this new chapter together with open minds, a pioneering spirit, and everlasting faith in ourselves, one another, and His favor.

May God bless us all and keep us well.

Lynn Burek, Principal                         

Lauren Corvo, Assistant Principal