Exam Schedule

Please read the exam schedule carefully.

Midterm exams will take place the week of January 18th. The Academy will be closed on Monday to give the students an extra day to prepare for these assessments.  Please take note of the following exam protocols:

  • There are two exam periods each day and dismissal will be around 1pm. 
  • There will be no Homeroom period during exam week.  Students are to report to their assigned classroom and attendance will be taken there.  (Please note that the same attendance rules apply during exam week as on any other day if a student will be absent for any reason)
  • Students should bring whatever materials are necessary to each exam period (pens, pencils, whiteout, calculators).
  • Students only need to come to school during their assigned exam periods.  For instance, if a student does not have a World Language exam on Thursday during the first exam slot, they only need to report to school for the second exam slot for their Math exam.  However, any student is welcome to come and study in the Study Hall if they prefer.

Please take note of the following: The schedule will move if we have to close school any day next week, so it is important that no appointments are planned for Friday in case the Academy is closed for any reason.  For example, if school is closed on Tuesday, then Tuesday exams will move to Wednesday, Wednesday exams to Thursday, etc.  

Please reach out to the Counseling Department if you have any questions.