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About AOSE

Located in Morristown, the Academy of St. Elizabeth is the first all-girls Catholic high school in the state of New Jersey. We're devoted to having a rigorous academic program while focusing on our faith and core values.

About AOSE

The Academy of Saint Elizabeth prides itself on being a college prep, Catholic high school that instills core values such as charity, service, community, and justice. Our diverse student body provides enriching experiences for every entering student. We aim for excellence in both our challenging academics as well as our devotion to community leadership and service rooted in the love of God and fellow neighbor.

Academics and Extracurricular Activities

Our primary focus is to empower young women to prepare them for leadership positions with our competitive academic program and various extracurricular activities. Our students learn to think critically, write effectively, and work collaboratively. From the moment a freshman enters our halls, she is given academic counseling to ensure she fulfills her academic and personal goals. Most of our students participate in at least one of our eleven varsity sports teams. We also have dozens of clubs and organizations centered on hobbies and community service in order to provide leadership and collaboration opportunities.

Why All Girls?

Research at UCLA has shown that female graduates of single-sex high schools tend to be better prepared academically than their coeducational counterparts. Additionally, all-girls schools tend to prepare graduates for stronger political engagement. These statistics include higher levels of SAT scores and academic engagement as well as confidence in computer and math skills. Studies also have shown that overall higher confidence is achieved in such a setting.


The Academy of Saint Elizabeth offers the ideal environment for young girls to become empowered, independent young women rooted in faith and gospel. Our small class size allows for one-on-one mentoring, and our diversity promotes an appreciation of a multi-cultural society. While keeping faith and academics the priority, we provide a structured and stimulating environment for young women to achieve their dreams in college, their community, and beyond.