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Eileen O'Rourke Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dear Friends of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth,
Thanks to each and every of you for joining together in person and online for Miss Eileen O'Rourke. 
If you missed the live-streamed mass you can find it on our YouTube channel along with the tribute video. I am also posting a PDF version of the tribute document so it's easier to read through each thoughtful, meaningful submission. 
A huge hug and deep gratitude to Mrs. Lorrie Quick for her eulogy. She was able to capture the essence of Eileen and made us all feel a deeper appreciation for the "Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
We are so proud to announce that the memorial scholarship fund has been awarded to a member of the Class of 2026 whose mother is an alumna of the Academy and someone who Eileen would have surely known. What an amazing opportunity to keep Miss O'Rourke's memory alive with a scholarship for her own student's children. 
Many blessings and warm wishes to you all! 
Megan Knight
Director of Development & Alumnae Relations
[email protected]
Office: 973-290-5226