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AOSE Parents Association


2019-2020 Executive Board Members


Co-Presidents: Cynthia Garrett & Geraldine Kilgore

Vice President: Christine Hunter

Treasurers: Lynn & Chris Gargano

Secretary: Vicki Bosie

Marketing & Panther Shop: Kristin von Schaumburg

Booster Club: Jennifer Ferriso

Class of 2020 Parent Representatives:  Vicki Bosie and Patty Caballero

Class of 2021 Parent Representatives:  Ellen Edson & Kara Kelly

Class of 2022 Parent Representatives:  Karen Blount & Lori Rizzuto

Class of 2023 Parent Representatives:  Laura Santoriello & Suzanne Voorhees

You can read the minutes of our most recent meetings here.
Student / Parent Handbook
The AOSE PA sends out weekly newsletters. We post recent issues here. If you want to subscribe, contact a member of the Executive Board.