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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Academy of Saint Elizabeth is a Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for young women, founded by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. Our mission is to promote the disciplines of academic excellence and moral responsibility within our young women by sustaining a scholarly environment and a nurturing community of faith.
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Rooted in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Philosophy of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth derives its ethos from Judeo-Christian wisdom affirmed by the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the mission of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. We believe that:

- Christianity is a way of life that inspires the thoughts and actions of every student.

- The immersion in and internalization of the ministry of the Sisters of Charity establish unique opportunities for our students to embrace:
  • Gospel Values
  • Social justice
  • Service to the poor and underserved
  • Fidelity to the Church
  • Faith in the power of the Eucharist
  • Living and growing in Community
  • Vital and viable Prayer Life
  • Charism of Charity

- A diverse student body and curriculum encourage an understanding and appreciation of a multi-cultural society.
- Single gender education on a secondary level is foundational and appropriate in fostering leadership roles for women in society.
In harmony with this philosophy and these beliefs, we to strive collectively through example to educate and inspire the whole student in ways physical, athletic, civic, spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and aesthetic so that she continues to mature in goodness, truth, and beauty before God, her country, and the world community.

We realize our responsibility as educators is to develop programs and standards of study that reflect the needs and interests of college-bound students. Our students become critical thinkers and learn to write effectively. The students' use of current technology and its applications is necessary for their optimum achievement on the college level. With these commitments we prepare them to become leaders in their careers and learners for life.

We seek to generate an abiding respect for charity and a sense of duty to the poor and disadvantaged.

We are resolved to empower each of our young women with the compassion and self-reliance that is intrinsic to her femininity. We give priority to cultivating her appreciation that she possesses unique, God-­given talents that render her capable of fulfilling her destiny and of positively impacting the world in which she lives.

We deliberately maintain a small, intimate environment conducive to establishing close and inclusive relationships with the hope that all who pass through our halls depart with a desire to return because of an enduring attachment to this institution.