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Admission Procedure

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Due to limited available dates in the admissions season, we require that the online application must be completed before the visit can be scheduled. Rolling admission to the Academy has begun. To be considered for the Class of 2023, please complete an application, and then call 973-290-5225 to schedule a day to visit and take the entrance exam.

 Transfer to The Academy
1. Submit An Application

2. Submit Transcripts
Parents of applicants must request Official Transcripts and standardized test scores be sent to the Admissions Office as soon as possible.

3. Submit Recommendations
Parents are asked to supply two recommendation forms. These must be filled out by a two academic teachers and mailed to the Admissions Office by the application deadline.

4. Scheduled Interview
The Guidance Department will review applications after the first three phases of admission are completed. Our Guidance Department will then contact applicants and their families to schedule an in-person interview.