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The Academy of Saint Elizabeth offers a competitive academic program designed to challenge each student, stimulate her desire to learn and reward her efforts and achievements. Student success is measured not only in grades, but also in leadership and personal growth. Success in such an environment is possible through an integrated system of academic, guidance and college counseling.
The Academy of Saint Elizabeth offers the ideal environment for young girls to become empowered, independent young women rooted in faith and gospel. Our small class size allows for one-on-one mentoring, and our diversity promotes an appreciation of a multi-cultural society. While keeping faith and academics the priority, we provide a structured and stimulating environment for young women to achieve their dreams in college, their community, and beyond.
Beyond the scope of academic oversight and college advising, our Counseling Department remains attuned to the socio-emotional health of our students. Because we focus on the whole student, we implement progressive programming and outreach to ensure that our school climate remains one of acceptance, inclusion, and harmony.


To Request a Transcript:

     Send a written request with $5.00 per transcript to:
     Academy of St. Elizabeth  
     P.O. Box 297  
     Convent Station, NJ 07961-0297  
     Attn: Mrs. Gail deFreitas

An Official transcript (signed/with seal) can only be sent directly to an institution of learning or place of employment.  Please include the complete address of the recipient, as well as your contact number in the event more information is required.


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