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Radium Girls Day

Students in Visual Communication & Web Design crafted Six Word Memoirs based on The Radium Girls by Kate Moore, and illustrated these with archival public domain photography.
These examples were produced by Carina '21, Jordyn '21, Clare '24 and Hope '22.
Students in Advanced Art / Portfolio took inspiration from The Radium Girls while completing their anatomy studies.
Sophomores studying Social Justice composed haikus to distill the experience of the Radium Girls. 
The examples here were produced by Julie, Lauren, Sydney and Juliana.
Danielle '21, a student in our College Now class Freedom, Power & Politics taught by Mr. Yarnall, responded to the prompt, "Which word (Freedom, Power or Politics) best goes with the story found in The Radium Girls?"
Julia '22 and other students in AP US History were asked to consider: do the ways Americans memorialize something changes over time? They were asked to consider three memorials: the Radium Girls, Pearl Harbor, and the 9/11 pools.