Health Office

Your daughter’s health and wellness is important to us!  

The first important step in completing your daughter’s medical health record is registering her on FamilyID.  Students must register each academic year.  All medical forms can be found at the bottom of this page.  They must be completed and uploaded to FamilyID by 8/2/21 in order for your daughter to begin the fall 2021 school year and participate in any school activity.  Please do not send medical forms or documents to the Health Office as they must be uploaded into the system by a registered user. If you wish to discuss additional information regarding your daughter’s health, do not hesitate to reach out to our school nurse.

Kindly review the information below and help us have a safe and happy year.  

Physicals and Required Information

  • Pre-Participation Form (required)
  • Permission to Share (required)
  • Immunization Record (required)
  • Scoliosis Screening Permission (required for 9th & 11th grade students)

All students are required to have an annual physical completed by their physician.  Physicals are valid one year from the date of completion.  Physicals must be documented on the Pre-Participation Physical Form.  Only physicals documented on this form will be accepted.  For your convenience, you may choose to schedule a physical with our school physician, Dr. Dean Padavan, by contacting Atlantic Health at 973-971-6290. 


If your daughter has a life-threatening allergy, please complete and upload both Food (or other) Allergy Plan (FARE) Forms.  Your daughter must always carry an Epi-pen while at school, on field trips and at all extracurricular activities.  If your daughter has asthma and requires the use of an inhaler, you must complete and upload an Asthma Treatment Plan.  You are encouraged to provide a back-up Epi-pen and/or inhaler which may be stored in the Health Office.  Please note that the state requires that both allergy and asthma care plans be updated annually.  Additionally, Epi-pens and inhalers should be replaced each school year.


 We strongly encourage the vaccination of all eligible students and staff.

Please report all COVID diagnoses via email to the Health Office (, Mrs. Burek (, and Mrs. Corvo (  Information regarding a COVID diagnosis and/or vaccination status must also be updated on Family ID.  All information regarding COVID policies may be found under the “Parent” menu option of our website.


In order for your daughter to receive any medication (including Acetaminophen/Tylenol or Motrin/Advil) while at school, the Medication Request Form must be completed and signed by a parent and physician.  All medications must be provided by the student’s family and delivered to the Health Office.  They must be in the original container and clearly labeled with your daughter’s name.  No medications will be administered unless provided by the student’s parents/guardian.

If your daughter will be carrying and self-administering medication while on school premises, you must complete the Student Self Administration Form.


Upon registering for each sports season, a parent/guardian is required to fill out and upload a Health History Update.  This form confirms that, as far as the parent/guardian knows, there have been no health changes since the student’s last physical on record. A link with that form is provided by our Athletic department upon registration for each individual sport.


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