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A part-time Registered Nurse staffs the Health Office for 15 hours each week. All medical concerns, health forms and medications are handled through this office.

Physicals :
All students: All Students are required to have a complete physical prior to entrance, submitted on the all purpose form called: New Jersey Department of Education Annual Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Examination.  Only physicals on this form can be accepted. It should include any specific health issues, restrictions, allergies and medications. A list of required immunizations recorded with the month, day and year must accompany this form.

Student athletes: A physical is required annually for athletes and is good for one year from the date of the last physical. It is suggested that whenever a student has a physical by her private physician, she has one of our forms filled out and submitted to the Health Office in case the student decides to try out for a sport at a later date. Only physicals submitted on our form will be accepted.

For Example: 3 sports = 1 physical PPE (dated within one year) + 3 health history updates

At the beginning of each sports season, a parent/guardian is required to fill out and resubmit a new Health History Update Form. This form confirms that, as far as the parent/guardian knows, nothing has changed with regard to the student’s health since her physical with her physician.

Medication taken during the school day must be accompanied by the required documentation. The parent supplies all medication. Specific forms can be downloaded below.

Please review the information at or call the nurse with questions.

CDC Advice on the Flu Virus
Policy guidance is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the flu.  The guidance may change as the situation changes and you can keep up to date by going to Influenza for updated information

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