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Notes from Alumnae

Our alumnae frequently check in to report on how their Academy education prepared them for college, career, and service. You'll find even more of these notes on our Testimonials page. 


“Thank you for having us write so much last year! I’m taking an academic writing course this semester and my professor is really impressed by my writing. I believe you were the first teacher to recognize my ability in writing and I really want to thank you.”

Tracey Sharkey Collins, ‘15   (University of Maryland)

“I am taking the Calculus II class at RPI. I took my first quiz and got 100. I have kept all of my calc notes from your class last year and brought them to college with me. They are very helpful and I reference them whenever I can.”

Tiffany Hsi, ‘15   (RPI)

“I want to thank you for teaching Hamlet so well and so in depth. Knowing Hamlet very well is making the transition into college-level English and the courseload a lot easier.”

Tara Hartnett, ‘15   (University of Rhode Island)

“Even as an Economics major, it is vital to be able to ‘translate’ the numerical data into lay terms. In every single one of my economics classes, we are not only tested on the mathematics, but a major part of each test is being able to write what the data shows in words and not just equations. I have met people who struggle to write, which causes them to struggle overall. Thanks to Mrs. Quick, Mrs. Gartenberg and Mrs. Pantos, this is not a problem for me in the slightest.”

Katie Sullivan, ‘12   (Clemson University)