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Welcome to the Academy!
Those of you who have been around the block a few times know that "development" is usually a code word for MONEY. While that is all too true, I have found it to be so much more useful to talk to interested families about Saint E's as an historical institution -- the oldest high school for girls in the State of New Jersey...and one of the most beautiful, too! Generations of young women have been educated here, developing into self-confident, accomplished professionals excelling in all fields: business, education, medicine, law, governments, service, and the arts.
All these young women had one thing in common: interested, involved parents determined to make the four years at Saint E's enriching at every level. Since 1860, we have all benefited from sacrifice and dedication of those parents who came before us. They were men and women just like ourselves who were willing to become stewards of this historical institution. Willing to become part of something bigger than themselves. Today, their legacy is our beautiful school. For nearly 160 years, Academy parents have known that stewardship is not about money. It is about effort. It is about leaving an institution just a little better than we found it. That kind of synergy between families and the school is what makes our Academy community so unique.
Because we try very hard to keep tuition at affordable levels, and because tuition only covers the actual cost of educating your daughters, we are obligated to find other ways to pay for capital improvements, new programs, and ongoing development. 
Please join us on this journey. Come to know us better. Accept the responsibility of stewardship. Become part of our history.