Update from the Board of Trustees

October 20, 2022

Dear Academy of Saint Elizabeth Community,
I write today with an update on the progress of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth Principal search. First, I would like to welcome the students, families, staff, and faculty who are new to this conversation. This academic year will be the eighth and final year of Lynn Burek’s tenure as Principal and we are in the midst of a search for a new school leader.
We want to inform you that the search is well underway and the interview process has begun.  The search committee includes a diverse group of trustees who are not only alumnae, parents of alumnae and Sisters of Charity, but are also experienced educators, administrators, and recruiter.
Board of Trustees, Principal Search Committee: 
  • Deborah Baseil, P '08, Chair of Search Committee
  • Katherine Lordi, ‘67 
  • Mariel Gesualdo, ‘97 
  • Kimberly Hutchinson, ‘97 (Former Trustee)
  • Antoinette Plewa, ‘72, P ‘02
  • Sr. Patricia Butler, SC
  • Monique Degnan, P ‘20
We believe this group will bring invaluable individual experience and insight to this effort while keeping the interests of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth as a whole at heart. In addition to a deep understanding of our school's history, culture and relationship with the Sisters of Charity, this group possesses a diversity of skills to assist in the process of identifying and evaluating candidates as well as institutional knowledge and shared passion for the Academy. Please join us in thanking them in advance for their time and commitment to this important process.
Meetings with the administration began over the summer. In addition, surveys for teachers and parents have been developed and will be going out shortly. Our students' views and thoughts are invaluable, so we are working on gathering their feedback as well. The meetings and surveys will be an excellent opportunity for all constituent groups to voice their thoughts and ideas about the Academy and our next Principal. We cannot emphasize how valuable your voice will be throughout this process and we encourage you to make every effort to participate.
Thank you for your support and engagement in this important process.
Karen Lordi
Ms. Katherine M. Lordi, '67
Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees
Academy of Saint Elizabeth
April 27, 2022

Please see leadership announcement from Ms. Katherine Lordi, Chairwoman of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth Board of Trustees, regarding the impending transition of leadership and subsequent letter from Mrs. Lynn Burek, Principal. 

Dear Academy of Saint Elizabeth Community:

After seven years as Principal of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth, Lynn Burek has announced to the Board of Trustees that she intends to retire at the end of the 2022-2023 academic year.  While all of us are happy for Lynn to be able to explore new vistas in her life, we are saddened at the prospect of losing such a valued, faithful, generous and professional leader.

Since she joined the Academy in July, 2015, Lynn’s commitment and dedication to academic excellence have been the cornerstone of our success in a time of tremendous growth and program expansion, notwithstanding unprecedented challenges.  She has been an outstanding champion for so many young women who have been guided to find their way along the path from childhood to young adulthood.  Her professional and caring leadership has helped so many young women to appreciate their abilities, to accept and thrive in undertaking educational challenges, to embrace changes and to make decisions for their futures.  She has encouraged the young women of the Academy to develop and cherish friends among classmates and appreciate those bonds which will hopefully last throughout their lives, connecting them with past generations of alumnae who share their values, goals and idealism.

During Lynn’s tenure as Principal, she has brought about a redesign of all curricula aligned with high academic standards, embraced the adoption of best practices in curriculum and instruction, and encouraged the development of a comprehensive, robust elective program, including STEM, technology and the arts. The University Now program in which students may earn college credits while in high school is also a program of which Lynn is rightfully proud as it allows the Academy students a special competitive edge.  Lynn sought to focus on continuous improvement, always striving to move the Academy from great and distinguished to outstanding.

While all of the Academy community will miss the talented and guiding hand which Lynn has evidenced over the years in leading the Academy into new, exciting, challenging and fruitful areas, we wish her continued happiness, success and fulfillment in whatever new endeavors she pursues.  The Academy community has been extremely well served by Lynn’s strategic intuition, exceptional educational insight and experience and willingness to embrace change and challenge others to do likewise.  

True to her devotion to the Academy, Lynn has provided the Board of Trustees with ample time to conduct a thorough process to find her successor.  The Board is dedicated to seeking out a new Principal who will be faithful to the Catholic cultural values of our community, has a deep understanding of our curricular and extracurricular programs, and is committed to fulfilling our Catholic mission by providing the leadership required for the continued success of the Academy. 

The Board has formed a Search Committee which will conduct a deliberate and thorough search process designed to result in a smooth and positive transition. The Board and the Search Committee expect to pursue open communication involving all constituencies of the AOSE community in order to be able to achieve ultimate success.

As we prepare to embark on the next phase of the Academy’s growth, please join me in thanking Lynn  for her heartfelt and tireless commitment to and leadership of the Academy.  All of the many students, parents, educators, colleagues and benefactors of the AOSE community who have benefitted from her wisdom, talents, experience, and foresight are grateful to her, will miss but never forget her, and wish her Godspeed.


Ms. Katherine M. Lordi
Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees
Academy of Saint Elizabeth
From: Mrs. Lynn Burek, Principal

To: Ms. Katherine M. Lordi, Chairwoman of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth Board of Trustees

Dear Ms. Lordi and the members of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth community:

It is with mixed emotions, a full heart, and such pride in the Academy community that I share with all of you that I have informed the Board of Trustees I will conclude my term as Principal at the end of the 2022-23 school year. It has been a privilege serving as Principal of this fine school and an honor to have nurtured and refined its distinguished legacy for the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, Board of Trustees, alumnae, and, most important, all of the students and families I have worked with over these past seven years who have been partners with me in creating an Academy of Saint Elizabeth that future generations of young women will be proud to call their home. 

When I began as Principal in July of 2015, I had no idea where this journey would lead. I was optimistic, full of hope, and simply wanted to leave the Academy better than I found it. My goal was to be a Catholic school leader who embraced the servant leadership model and, ultimately, engender positive, enduring change in all areas of student life.  I was deeply committed to polishing and refining the Academy image and bringing prestige to her reputation. In the end, that is what I am most thankful for. Together with a group of talented and dedicated school leaders and faculty, Sisters of Charity, Academy Trustees, incredibly giving parents, and inspiring young women, we have grown and changed. We have evolved into a school, who, true to her mission and core values, and with a keen focus on academic excellence, has reclaimed her glowing reputation in the community and beyond. We may all take great pride in the fact that we graduate exceptional young women who are faithful, empowered, confident, caring, and poised for greatness–young women who assume dynamic leadership roles in our society. Our students are the very best representation of all that has been accomplished at the Academy of Saint Elizabeth. 

After much reflection, prayer, and thoughtful consideration, my decision to leave the Academy is only based on the fact that–it’s time. It’s time to move forward and explore new opportunities, and it’s time for a new leader to build on our success and continue to move our dear Academy into the future. I will never forget my time with all of you. The time I spent as Principal will always be a cherished part of who I am both personally and professionally. I am beyond grateful for the care, support, and unimaginable kindness and generosity you have shown me as a loving community who care so deeply about your daughters and their school.  I am truly blessed to have played a supporting role in the enduring legacy of the Academy of Saint Elizabeth. 

I leave with a grateful heart and a profound sense that the time is right for this transition to take place. In the words of Saint Jerome, “Be at peace with your own soul, then heaven and earth will be at peace with you.” I am confident that this decision, at this moment in time, will bring me true peace and the Academy a bright new beginning. 

I am looking forward to God’s continued blessings upon the Academy and working together with all of you in the 2022-23 school year. 

With heartfelt gratitude, 

Lynn Burek
Academy of Saint Elizabeth