Our Campus

The Academy is unlike any other...

The Academy of Saint Elizabeth, located next to the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth and Saint Elizabeth University, is a stunning educational space of elegance and grace.

Throughout our campus, students are provided with spaces to study, gather, and relax throughout the school day. The Academy is not just a school; it is a home for our girls during their four years of study...and beyond.

Explore some of the most important parts of the Academy and begin to picture yourself here as one of our SEAsters!

Study Hall

The Study Hall is affectionately known as the "Heart of the Academy." Located across from the front entranceway, the Study Hall is a refined gathering space our students visit throughout the day during their study periods and lunch. The space is also used for events like our Halloween Assembly, Parents' Association Fundraisers, and Faculty Meetings. 

Recently renovated*, the Study Hall speaks to the storied history of the space which has been utilized since the Academy's inception in 1860. A beautifully designed dais, accompanied by custom blue velvet French curtains throughout, provide a dignity to the space that mirrors the legacy of the Academy.

*Renovations made possible by Mrs. Suzy Moran, P '92 and Friends of the Academy.

Moran Library

The Moran Library* is another elegant space where our students attend class, perform research for assignments, or seek a quiet place to study. 

Designed to match some of the refined elements of the Study Hall, the Moran Library is a comfortable space for our students to work individually or collaboratively. A research center within provides space for students to discover and print information and assignments needed for class.

Additionally, the space is used as a tutoring center, sponsored by the various National Honor Societies.

*Renovations made possible by Mrs. Suzy Moran, P '92.

Science Labs

Our Science Labs are designed to provide an academic environment which fosters dialogue, discussion, and experiential learning.

The Science Labs are divided into a space that is reminiscent of lecture hall style seating with desks, along with a separate space for experimentation tables where dissections, experiments, and the like can occur.

Cutting edge technology such as a 3D Printer, Dissecting Telescopes and Compound Light Telescopes provide students with the ability to delve further into subject material for a true hands-on experience.

Art Studio

Our Art Studio* is an artist's paradise. With materials, storage, and space to design and create all types of artwork, our Art Studio speaks to the importance the Academy places on the humanities and arts.

Brand new woodblock tables, dry racks, and storage cabinets provide our artists with a studio built to meet the needs of beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Additional equipment for ceramics and photography classes brings together this comprehensive space as an all-encompassing, well-equipped studio.

*Renovations made possible by the Kiley and Mendrzycki Families, ‘26.

Dance Studio

Our Dance Studio* is a unique space which allows our students to express themselves artistically through dance. 

The space is divided into a classroom equipped with moveable Promethean Board to review various dance styles and techniques, conjoined with the Dance Studio proper where students can then practice the dances themselves. 

Wall length mirrors provide a true studio feel, by which students can analyze their posturing and technique.

*Renovations made possible by the Kiley and Mendrzycki Families, ‘26.

Panther Den

The Panther Den provides students with a space focused on enhancing the physical and mental wellbeing of our community.

Equipped with weights, trampolines, plyometric boxes, training ropes and more, our Fitness and Wellness classes channel students' energy in a productive manner.

The space has also been used to host athletic practices, various club meetings, school dances and other events throughout the year.

*Renovations made possible by Friends of the Academy.

Holy Family Chapel

Dedicated in 1909 as a space of worship for the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth and both Academy of Saint Elizabeth and Saint Elizabeth University students, Holy Family Chapel embodies the heart of our school's identity.

Fostered and nourished through faith in Jesus Christ, Holy Family Chapel provides a space for prayer, reflection, and gathering for our community. The Chapel hosts many important occasions in the life of our students, including Masses on Holy Days of Obligation, Prayer Services, Junior Ring Mass and Ceremony, Mother-Daughter Tea Mass, Honor Society Induction Ceremonies, and Baccalaureate Mass.