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NCAA Eligibility Center

Student-Athletes seeking to compete at an NCAA Division I or II school must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Those seeking to compete at an NCAA Division III school or are currently undecided should create a free profile with the NCAA Eligibility Center.
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  • Step 1: Registration Checklist

    Prior to making a Certification Account (Division I or II schools) or a Profile Page Account (Division III school or undecided), student-athletes will need important information including valid email address, basic personal information, education history, sports participation history, and payment (Certification Accounts Only). 

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  • Step 2: Create Certification Account or Profile Page

    Once all information is collected, student-athletes will start the process of making either their Certification Account (Division I or II school) or their Profile Page (Division III or Undecided). Certification Accounts cannot be moved to a Profile Page Account; Profile Page Accounts can be transitioned to a Certified Account.

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  • Step 3: Update Information

    Updating of important information throughout a student-athlete's high school career is key to this process. Inclusion of accurate, up-to-date academic records and athletic participation history enables schools to properly evaluate a student-athlete's candidacy.
  • Step 4: Check Email

    Once your Certification Account or Profile Page Account is completed and updated, schools will be able to contact student-athletes. This communication most often takes the form of emails, so make sure to continuously check your registered email address with the NCAA Eligibility Center for communications with schools.
  • Step 5: Schedule School Visits

    Scheduling school visits is key for any college application process; the same is true for student-athletes deciding where they want to play collegial athletics. Communications concerning Open Houses and private visits may be found through email communications with schools reviewing a student-athlete's account.
  • Step 6: Review Offers and Commit

    Schools which decide to make offers to student-athletes should be carefully evaluated on multiple levels before official commitment is decided. Once a decision has been made, student-athletes should notify both the Counseling Department and the Athletics Department for further instruction.