Student Life

Extracurricular Clubs & Activities

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  • Academy Ambassadors

    Mission: To promote the Academy in a positive manner by assisting at middle school visits, open houses, and Academy tours.
  • American Sign Language Club (ASL)

    Mission: To teach students about the basics of American Sign Language and the concerns of the deaf/hard of hearing community.
  • Art Club

    Mission: To use art for good and to teach others how to do the same. Members wish to contribute to and enhance the art program of the Academy.
  • Bridges Outreach

    Mission: To provide students with opportunities to serve underserved parts of the population in the local community.
  • Choir Club

    Mission: To provide lively, sacred music performed at Mass and encourage other students to participate in school liturgies.
  • Dungeons and Dragons

    Mission: To create a fun environment where students can hone their writing skills, teamwork capabilities, and creative problem solving strengths.
  • Ecology Club

    Mission: To inform and spread awareness concerning current and future conditions the Earth will endure. Members seek to create a more sustainable community which is ecologically conscious.
  • Fashion Club

    Mission: To create a welcoming environment for students with a shared interest in fashion and provide assistance to charities involving clothing/ fashion industry.
  • French Club

    Mission: To promote a love of the French language, as well as an appreciation of the French culture so as to bring aspects of it into larger society.
  • Kids 2 Kids (K2K)

    Mission: To develop lifelong skills of children through inspiring the leadership of young adults.
  • Kind Campaign

    Mission: To promote a safe school environment where girl-on-girl bullying is not accepted. Students create safe spaces to discuss their own issues with their fellow peers in a non-judgmental setting.
  • Latin Club

    Mission: To promote a love of the Latin language, as well as an appreciation of the Roman culture so as to bring aspects of it into larger society.
  • Mental Health and Mindfulness Club

    Mission: To help members of the Academy destress and focus on situations which may cause students to feel overwhelmed. Students practice a variety of mindfulness activities and the spreading of positive messages to the school community.
  • Mock Trial

    Mission: To promote and develop proper arguments through competitive trials against other participating schools.
  • National Honor Society (NHS)

    Mission: To promote the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character amongst members and the school community through providing peer services and programs.
  • Personal Finance Club

    Mission: To promote student understanding of various financial concepts and the proper management of finances.
  • Pickleball Society

    Mission: To provide a fun, competitive environment for students to participate in pickleball games.
  • Pollinators Committee

    Mission: The committee consists of dedicated young women that are instilled with the values of environmental stewardship and sustainability so as to help sustain the pollinator population. The committee promotes student-led initiatives to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world and of pollinators.
  • Princeton Model United Nations (UN)

    Mission: To promote leadership qualities in participating individuals by addressing global issues through the eyes of young adults.
  • Spanish Club

    Mission: To promote a love of the Spanish language, as well as an appreciation of the Spanish culture so as to bring aspects of it into larger society.
  • Student Council

    Mission: To promote the concerns of the student body by acting as liaisons with school administration.
  • The Beth Student Newspaper

    Mission: To create a fresh platform to communicate and relate information to the student body. Members seek to provide a safe space for students to learn and grow while reporting on issues important to them in a professional team setting.
  • Toward Boundless Charity

    Mission: To develop spirituality and minister to those in need by embracing the charism of charity. Members develop a sense of their inner essence - a heart which beats with love for others.
  • Yearbook

    Mission: To develop the Academy's annual yearbook through collection of content throughout the school year.