Why I Chose The Academy

We asked our students, "Why did you choose the Academy?"

Academy Stories

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  • Allison Shannon '23

    The Academy had been our launching pad, preparing us not just academically, but also for life beyond its walls. The values instilled in us — compassion, resilience, and the importance of friendship — were the guiding principles that hold our SEAsterhood intact amidst the vastness of college life.
  • Keiri Shuyama '24

    The Academy of Saint Elizabeth has taught me how to balance my personal strengths with areas of growth. My teachers and fellow SEAsters uplift me every day, helping me to do better. The Academy has shown me how to be self-sufficient and when to rely on others, both necessary skills for life.
  • Naomi Murphy '23

    The Academy of Saint Elizabeth has helped me grow in sociability. Before attending, I tended to be quiet and kept to myself. However, the Academy pushed me beyond my comfort zone (within a safe environment.) I have matured in many ways, especially mentally, and learned important life lessons that I will carry with me forever.
  • Giovanna Desimone '26

    When I first visited the Academy of Saint Elizabeth, I immediately felt welcomed by all of the students, faculty and staff. At first, I was worried about finding all of my classes on time, as I only came from a smaller middle school. Thankfully, my worry was immediately resolved. On the first day I not only had many people there to guide me, but I was finding my way around easier than I thought. I easily made friends and loved all of my teachers and classes.
  • Catherine Schneider '23

    I was first attracted to the Academy of Saint Elizabeth by former Assumption School students who were attending. When I was in Eighth Grade, my school offered a Question-and-Answer session with these girls; their incredible comments truly inspired me to apply. The descriptions of everyday life at the Academy and the special bonds that they created instantly ignited a spark in my mind that is still aflame. I made up my mind about which high school I wanted to attend immediately after that meeting and that decision was, without a doubt, the best decision I have ever made.
  • Maara Lovelace-DeGraff '23

    Ever since coming to the Academy, I have leveled up on my critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, and social skills - and so much more. I would love to thank the Academy for this amazing experience and giving me the opportunity to use these skills and prepare for my college experience.
  • Maria Clara Rose Bragagnolo '24

    Most of my life, I had studied in an all-girls Catholic school in Mexico. The Academy felt similar to my previous experiences in so many ways. It was wonderful to return to that nurturing community and environment I knew before. The Academy felt like such a beautiful and welcoming place that it made me feel right at home the first time I entered the building.
  • Sophie Deutsch '24

    The Academy helped me experience a smooth transfer process from my previous high school. The girls were so welcoming and the school provided me with many opportunities to grow as a person, whether it be academically, spiritually, etc. There are numerous ways to be involved in the school community, such as starting or joining a club, playing a sport, and much more!
  • Isha Ghude '22

    I was able to meet life-long friends and amazing teachers who uplift and encourage me in every way possible. I have experienced such a growth in my confidence...the Academy has allowed me to come out of my shell. I know I am entering a loving and supportive environment every day.
  • Ella Tully '23

    I had attended public school with my three siblings all my life. In 8th grade, I realized I wanted something different. There were many signs that guided me to the Academy. I have never regretted my decision to switch to a smaller school and have found so much happiness.
  • Annemarie Gallo '11

    "Love the life you live and live the life you love."
    At the Academy, each student graduates loving the place they learned. Our teachers guide and develop their students in more than just academics; they instill lifelong values. We are more than a school; we are a SEAsterhood.