Student Life

Food Services

The Academy provides daily food services through Parkhurst Dining. Throughout the day, our students are able to purchase various items in our Study Hall, including fresh fruit, yogurt, baked goods, chips, beverages, ice cream, and more. 

In addition to those options, students are able to purchase lunch daily from Parkhurst Dining. A pre-selected hot lunch is available each day along with salads, wraps, and sides which are also available daily.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dean Piacentini, Director of Dining Services, via email at

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Can I purchase breakfast if I arrive early for school?

    Yes, Parkhurst Dining services are available starting at 7:00 AM. Breakfast options include fresh fruit, yogurt, muffins, other baked goods, and more. These options are also available throughout the day for students to purchase as well.
  • Q. How do students pay for food services through Parkhurst Dining?

    All payment for food services are made at the time of purchase. Students may pay with cash, debit/credit card, or Apple Pay.
  • Q. Can accommodations be made if a student have food allergies or sensitivities?

    While many of the food items available for purchase are made and packaged on-site, particular requests based on food allergies or sensitivities must be made known prior to purchase. To make a student's food allergies or sensitivities known so as to ask for modified orders, contact Dean Piacentini, Head of Dining Services, via email at
  • Q. Can students bring their own lunch to school?

    Students may bring their own lunch to school. Students may also purchase food items without pre-ordering since orders are served a la carte.