Fall 2022 Legacy Magazine Out Now!

Our newest edition of Legacy Magazine is out now! Read through our featured article about Uliana Leshchuk ‘23 and her sister, Kalyna Leshchuk ‘17, as they use their musical talents to raise awareness and support for Ukraine.
“Amidst the billowing smoke of a town recently bombed in Ukraine, one home stood alone. This home did not avoid the scars of war, as the home’s windows were shattered, walls collapsing, and roof caving inward. However, a shining symbol of the unyielding Ukrainian spirit sat untouched within this home: a bandura, or the Ukrainian plucked-string folk instrument synonymous with the country. The bandura has become more than an instrument, but rather a light shining in the darkness and a stalworth of Ukrainian culture seeking to thrive under the accumulating clouds of war.

Over 4,700 miles away in Whippany, NJ, the bandura carries the same hope and cultural beauty for two young women, Kalyna Leshchuk ‘17 and Uliana Leshchuk ‘23, sisters/SEAsters who use their musical talent and bandura playing skills to help support Ukraine.”

To read the full article, use the link below to view the entire Fall 2022 Legacy Magazine!

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