Paw Prints: Summer Reading 2023

This summer our Panther Prints initiative embraces a new approach. In contrast to One, Academy, One Book, we will provide a choice and ask you to choose any one or more of the options presented.
Our principal goal is to ignite a passion for pleasurable reading during the summer months while affirming different voices, interests and perspectives. The student-selected choices challenge you to explore community and belonging, reflect on initiative and action, and advocate on behalf of those most in need. This reading list will provide a foundation upon which we may initiate thoughtful conversations leading to compassionate understanding of others as well as provide common ground to advance and guide our important DEIJB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging) work. Our desire is ultimately to deepen understanding of ourselves and engender meaningful dialogue about our connection to one another and the mission of the Academy.
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